The benefits of fasting in the month of ramadhan

5:33 PTG ---
Assalammualaikum my friends, did you now that fasting in the month of ramadhan can make our life more healthy?? Actually fasting can make us to purify our mind and soul also for the body.  When we perform fast in the month of ramadhan we can appreciate and feel the hunger or suffer of  poor people.. The month of ramadhan also teach us to become moderate person. The word moderate means  live in simple ways either in spending or saving. To those who do not know why muslims should fast in the month of ramadhan is because this is one of the commandment from Allah and furthermore Allah want all muslims to appreciate the life that been given bh Him.  Allah want us to remember him and his creature and also to helps each other who is  in the needs. Allah  do not want muslim become selfiesh and do not care with each others. By the way islam generally means peace and muslim should observe the significance of that meaning  particularly in order reshape our life and our behavior to become the truth servant of God. During the month of ramadhan also we can gain a lot of reward by Allah by performing the sunnah such as tarrawih prayer (solat after isya and this is not neccessary for muslim to do but more likely encourage to do so), reciting Al-Quran, performing qiyam mulai ( wake up in the early morning before dawn) and etc. Fasting also make our life become more healthy and this  statement had been support by scientific study from expert in the medical fields.


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