Alien vs Ninja DVDRip [2010]

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Once upon a time in Japan, there was a band of great Iga Ninja warriors. One day, they witnessed a strange flash in the sky, followed by a roaring giant fireball crashing into the distant forest. Rushing to investigate the mysterious asteroid, they were stunned to be confronted by new enemies, ones they had never seen the likes of before. Aliens from another world! As the hungry brutal extra-terrestrials savaged and feasted on their number, the survivors swore to avenge their comrades’ death. But none of their weapons, neither swords nor throwing stars, had any effect on the intergalactic predators. This is the story of how those brave Ninja faced their biggest challenge ever to defeat the space monsters and their alien offspring. In the tradition of TOKYO GORE POLICE comes killer Kung Fu, gratuitous violence, silly splatter, high-powered action - and men in grey rubber suits

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Catat Ulasan

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